Stark Reality - or UNreality

[?]Mr Stark's attempts to foist his view of life in and around the game development community persist in his 'stark reality? pages currently residing on

The interesting thing is not only are they an accurate but a well drawn and cutting satire on the industry.

My gripe is Stark's constant self depreciating literary style that he feels compelled to give us with each new edition. If you really couldn?t draw you wouldn?t have a web cartoon would you Mr Stark ????

Having put my head above the trenches I fully expect next week to feature a balding, elderly, bespectacled non-artistic person on the periphery of game development as Stark seeks his terrible vengeance ? my only solace is that if Stark is true to his word due to his ?I can?t draw? rant I will remain unrecognisable, my real concern is given Stark's drawing form to date I will be instantly recognisable.

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The comic is quite humorous but i cna't find where he says he can't draw.

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He does a nice job of it for someone who claims he can't draw? [:)]. I think the quality of the art plays second fiddle to the message/social commentary when it comes to comic strips like these though, so if he REALLY couldn't draw, putting in stick figures could even work IF you have something decent to say. [:)]

I wish I could comment on platform games (I can blab about some made in the mid 80's to mid 90's), but as for recent platform games, the latest one I've played is Mario 64. I did buy my nephew Rachet & Clank for Christmas, and he absolutely loves it. I thought it would be too difficult for the little guy, but he seems to be roaring through the game.

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*can't wait to get my hands on Sonic Heroes..damn money*

I dunno, kids finding games too hard is a weird thing. When they're young they're so quick to learn, i think any game with reasonably simple mechanics they'll pick up as long as they stick with it for more than 15 minutes. Platform games and other action games usually fit this quite well, because they mostly only require you to think about whats happening in the here and now, they don't really require much planning ahead.
CYer, Blitz

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I played C&C when i was in like grade 3, i thouhgt it required a lot of thinking but i found it easy. and i still love platform games. Not my favourtite genre but they're still tons of fun i played Jak and Daxter at a mates quite a lot of fun when just mucking around with friends. The crash bandicoots where good as well. It got better with each version