Work experience or internship in Melbourne

Hi all.

I'm in my second year of studies at Deakin University doing Bachelors of Information technology (games design and development) and I'm currently looking for work experience, internships or work placement for a developer in Melbourne. So far I want to get into 3D art of even quality assurance. I heard something about Film Victoria internships but I'm not sure what they're state of taking applicants are at the moment. I was hoping to get some experience in the industry by the end of the year.



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If you haven't checked it out already, we have a FAQ of sorts on work experience in Australia here. There are some additional threads on work experience in this section of the forum also which is worth looking out for.

As far as I'm aware, Wicked Witch are one of the few developers more known to accept work experience students. Two Bulls do, and I think Big Ant Studios might as well.

Additional Melbourne developers worth approaching:

Pub Games

Try approaching them to see if they're happy to sort you out.

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Thanks Souri,

I give them a go.