Calling All Tasmanites!

Even thought there are very few Tasmanian's on Sumea, I thought I'd give this a try...

Any of you intending on going to the Independent Game Developers Conference in May and want someone to travel with?

I am going to save all my nickels and pennies and try my hardest to go. But if not I'm going to use the money to upgrade my PC!

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I am just an old woman of ethnic culture trying to fing my long misplaced husband in the hussle of suburban tasmania, I might go..... but seeing as im your brother i dont count, do i?

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you retard...[:D]

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Are you both coming to the conference?

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im going to, but not my brother...

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Hey I might go, when and how much?

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check out the Sumea home page...

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does that have prices of airfares to melbourne? [:D]

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you mule...

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CYer, Blitz

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now THATS a good idea...[:D]

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To all developers in Tasmania,

Please don't forget that we are offering subsidies for those who are travelling interstate. There haven't been much takers so far as I don't think many people realise that they are eligible.

Please contact the office via email or phone, details are in the main conference thread.

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Im only a student tho so I woulnd't get it would I?