Animator/Rigger Looking for his break in the Game Industry

Hello there,

I am an animator who has been working mainly in the Television industry in the past 4 years. I quite looking forward in getting my break into Games. I welcome everyone to view my demoreel at my website

If you have any feedback on how I can improve my chances in getting a games gig, I would love your opinion.



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Well, I don't know the current standard for animation is for game companies, but that looked pretty darn good (and it seems you covered a fair few areas suitabe for games). Having 4 years experience is also a definite plus.

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It means a lot coming from a veteran such as you. Would be posting another update early next month

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Very nice work my friend.

The website is clean, clear and easy to understand and the animation holds many examples that are well executed.

I would've suggested Bluetongue in Melbourne as they'll be needing to hire some contract animators to work on one of their upcoming projects. Unfortunately The position is temporary and you you'd have to relocate to Melbourne for it.

But what you have here is good stuff. I would suggest you create a small physical portfolio with a small cover letter, resume and CD containing your work and post it out. A well presented, easy to understand physical resume can in some cases get the attention of that company HR guy looking for new staff.

Hope that helps.

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Hello everyone.

I went through a major update of my Animation Reel. This new version has footage from Weta Workshop's latest show "The WotWots".

Lemme know what you guys think



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Hey mate

I think it all looks great.. the kick flip at 0:35 i would rework or take out.. his pivot is off centre.

Otherwise good work :)