Limited PAL PS3 Backwards Compatibility

Seems like Sony's not giving itself a great PR job of late. Mind you, I always found backwards compatibility a bit of a novelty rather than a required feature. I've only ever taken advantage of it when my PS1 finally died, but then the only game I kept for replay was Metal Gear Solid, which I already had a BleemCast disc for (Yeah, I'm a Dreamcast owner )

Is this really going to affect anyone's purchase judgment on the PS3, or are you happy keeping your PS2 about?

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Need backwards compatibility for me to buy.

The Playstation is for the kids and I'm not having two consoles hanging around the TV (they don't clean up the one they have anyway!)

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BC is now being done via software emulation rather than hardware (as they removed the chip). This is the same as how the Xbox 360 is doing it.

No word yet on how many games will be BC at launch, and no doubt updates to the software will come in the future. So all this kafuffle that some people are making of this may be for nothing. I say wait until Sony releases a list to compare to the hardware version then worry.LiveWire2007-02-28 23:05:04

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Bloody_footy, you're getting a Playstation 3 for the kids? Damn, they're very lucky

BC hasn't really been a huge selling point for me when it comes to consoles, but I do realize that it is of a major convenience to a lot of people. I know a lot of people are a bit miffed that we, as well as the Europeans, are getting a pretty raw end of the deal where we're paying more for the console than the Japanese/US, but we're getting it months later and minus the hardware for PS2 backwards compatibility.

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"Bloody_footy, you're getting a Playstation 3 for the kids? Damn, they're very lucky"
At home we have 2 PC's (and a server but that's not to be touched) and there are 4 of us that want to use them.
We got the youngest one a Nintendo DS and that keeps her off the PC but that still makes 3 of us fighting over 2 PC's so the PS3 will help :)bloody_footy2007-03-01 13:29:51

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Sony has settled with Immersion concerning the lawsuit over the rumble technology in the Playstation Dualshock controllers, and both companies sorta dart around any info about a PS3 Dualshock controller but say they both look foward to the "potential" of new products.

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Geez, there certainly been some interesting PS3 news lately. It seems Kotaku has caused a bit of a ruckus by posting a rumour about Sony's online "Mii" like avatars and achievement features. Well, Sony warned them not to post it and now they've cut all PR ties with Kotaku. From Slashdot.

Kotaku posts Sony Rumour
Kotaku gets blackballed (I've never heard of that term before o_O)

and before you know it...

Sony and Kotaku make upSouri2007-03-01 18:43:19