Contact details for HR at AtariMelbourneHouse

Can anyone divulge who I should contact at AtariInfogrames regarding employment enquiries?

I would like to send my resume along with a cd of some work. I can't seem to find any contact details. I remember there used to be an old site that had an employment page, but I can't find that now.

The link I go to now just has a scrolly message saying the site is under construction. It's been like that for AGES.

If someone can give me an email address and/or postal address, that would be great.

You can PM me or get me on icq # 117906.


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I don't know the email for HR at Atari Melbourne House, but the emails are usually *** .
So if you're after a QA job, that would be QAjobs@melb...., or if it's IT, it's itjobs@melb...

Postal address is - (this might be the level for the IT department? I don't have their general address handy):

Atari Melbourne House
Level 11, 14 Queens Rd
Melbourne 3004

Regarding phone calls, I don't think they like people phoning into the office for job related enquiries. Anyway, all these details are second hand, so hopefully someone from Atari Melbourne House can chime in with the proper details. [;)]

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try searching in the for a telephone number.
I remember getting the number back then. There is also a sdyney branch if I am not mistaken

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Atari have an office in Sydney, near Newport I think. No idea what they do there though. Anyone else here know?

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I would have a guess and say it's for the publisher/distribution arm of Atari/Infogrames?

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Try searching on and ring up the company then ask for the name of the person in charge of HR, if they ask why, just tell them that you like to send out an invitation and you would like to formally address then, if they ask from wat company or whom just make something up. But this works really well, and they wont shut you down when they say sorry there are no positions available. Cold Canvassing really works, I got an interview with a Studio and offered a position from another, both still pending.

I was told this by a Salvation Army Employment Plus consultant, you do learn some good things that the government sets up