What do studios want

Hey all...

I suspect there may be a few industry pros on this forum, and maybe they're willing to offer up advice to emerging game artists...?

I trained in Maya last year and learnt the basics of asset production and intergration with the Unity engine.

This year I am redoing the same training, and I'd like to know what would be good to focus on given I'd like to become an above average level designer or character animator/modeller/rigger etc.....

What do you think? Are there demands for some roles more than others?

Thanks for your thoughts


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Good animators are always in demand. Also if you get sick of the industry then it'll give you a wider scope for film/TV etc....

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my advice is to specialise rather than generalise. If you are sort of an animator.. a bit game designer.. a bit of a modeller then your chances are slim of getting a chance. Be focused on the type of game you want to be a part of.. creating and put all your effort into that. If you are an expert Character Rigger and have great skill in that department devote time to perfecting the craft of it whilst working on your animation and modeling skills as well. This is a better approach to being generally okay at all three. Decide what you are interested in the most and have the most talent.. i'm sure most companies will have openings for either a game designer, animator, modeller etc.. Personally I feel that a game designer path is good in that it is less portfolio dependent when you are looking for work...once you have the experience on various games I doubt you will need lots of examples to show off your game design ability.. i may be wrong with this.. Animation, modelling and any Art based roles require you to provide an up to date portfolio which even for an experienced veteran is hard to keep updated and looking good.

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Thanks for that...Im tempted to start my own studio, but the costs are pretty daunting when it comes to matching what the big studios do in terms of quality...