Working your way up?

Or what I like to call sneaking in sideways...

Anyway is it easy to get employed from say a beta tester to becoming an artist in the same company? How often does this occour?

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personily I don't see a link between them.. I think you would have more chance becoming a programmer after being a beta tester. programming has something in common which is finding bugs. I just don't see how playing a game and working out its problems relate to your level of art work.

The only benift I see is that you are then part of the company and they have a better understanding of your work life.

Either way doesn't mean they will put you as an artist unless you are upto a standard they like.

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Im with USF on that one: We did a paper on testing / finding / eliminating bugs, and its about gameplay. Your coding and knack for finding " I bet this is going to make it crash " are really the only things that get flexed.

On the other hand if youve been working hard on your art and you get an opportunity to show it - then I dont see why not. My guess is that youd just find it a bit harder to get up in the art directors face being in the testing dep.

The main thing at that point is - you've made it to the inside [:)]