Network Game Wanted for Performance

Hi Everyone,

My name is Que Nguyen, and I'm a sound designer who's currently in the midst of devising a performance for an upcoming festival.

Having worked in many shows that are tightly scripted, I'm wanting to create a performance where a level of spontaneity is created via sound, light, projection and action. This freed up style of movement can occur due to all the above parameters being controlled by the actions of a particular game.


Whether the game is in development or it has been released, I need a game that is net worked, and able to be played on line with two players playing at one time. The players need to be playing with one another *not aginst one another*, so there is a supportive element between the two, without the other, the other one may as well be dead kinda scenario.

There will be live sound design in the performance to reflect the environment of the game and its actions, so its important for that to be okay. The game also must not put limitations on the sound design.. ie: a medieval environment would not match anything else other than medieval style influenced music.

My sound background involves taking a lot of recordings from the environment than processing to a desired effect, so you can say there is a blur between accoustic and digital,... but i think this would not match some game genres.

Please express your interest by emailing me at

Please pass this message onto anyone you know who'd be interested or knows anyone that may have a lead.
And are there any other forums I could contact regarding this project? Anything helps. Much appreciated!

Cheers XX


offtake2006-11-22 21:46:00

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Would Guitar Hero 1 or 2 meet your specifications??

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Hey Souri,

I think I'll leave any guitar inspired performances to the National Air Guitar Championship competition in Cranbourne, Victoria.

you got my hopes up! I thought I had a lead on something there.... !