Character for my game

Been working on this character for the past few days. Finally brought myself to post on sumea and get some feedback. Not sure how to attach pics so here are links to on my webspace.

PS whats the method to make the pictures load up instead of having to have links? I tried link but no go. *scratches head*

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aw no comments for me :(-

i was ready for constructive critism but i got nothing.

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pretty cool, would love to see something more done with the horns.

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I'd love to hear some comments from the more experienced normal mappers around here, but I think the lo-resolution textures puts it down a bit. The proportions and muscles are nice, although I think some of the work you've done over them looks a little bit off (veins and skin texture). Lips look kinda unnatural though. I think this model has the potential to be really great, just needs more polish.

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Cheers for the comments fella's.

Taken into account, going to apply this to the model and post back.

Should see it animated! gosh! just wow!! my art pipeline has to be one of the best in the world.

I can model my character, export out the low res mesh with high res normal map.

Stick it into the software (i cant name for now) which auto riggs the model perfectly and applies a motion capture animation all done in under 5 mins (not including the modelling/texturing of course). The model can be setup with all required animations, litrally dropped into the game and set up as an enemy with AI, or a playable character.

The motion capture animations are done for me from a motion capture studio in belgium and emailed thru, i just ask what sort of animation i want, or send them an example video of the animation i need motion captured and wallah! I cant explain enough how much easier this is!! for a 2 man team, the software and support we are getting has put us on a level playing field with a large game company with many more staff.

hope to fill you all in soon and show more of what we are working on.

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I don't want to sound overly critical, but that normal map looks horrible. The normal map density seems to vary wildly, the detail seems to vary (some bits rough, some smooth), and it looks like the normal map has some very bad compression artifacts.

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i dont know how constructive the word 'horrible' is....

but redwyre is correct in saying the density varies too much..

i think souri is right in saying that a bit more polish wouldnt go astray..

it is quite common to create the normal map and diffuse/specular passes from the same bakedown of high to low.. so keeping this in mind.. it is something that you really dont want to rush..

take the time with it and be self-critical...

other than that i think you are half way there... so thumbs up

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And i fully agree. The normal mapping was no where near finished. actually the model was whipped up in a couple hours to test out some features of the game engine. Hope to share some more soon in an interactive playable kind of way.

Cheers for constructive critism