Cold emal - from Hays (rep sydney studio)

I was sent this email about 1/2 and hour ago, and was wondering what studio it is.

I only know of Bondi, and the Ex Perception team in Sydney, and my own non-functional studio.

Are you a Player?

Interested in Video Games??? Want to get paid to develop them???

Presently we are recruiting several positions within the gaming industry for a rapidly growing Sydney based company.

Positions available include:

* 6 x Research Programmers
* Technical Animators
* 3D Animators / Character Modellers
* A.I Programmers
* Senior Gameplay Programmers
* Gameplay Programmers
* Menu Programmers
* Tools Programmers

The company are willing to pay relocation costs and accommodation while getting settled in Sydney.

Ideally, candidates will have previous experience in development of PS2 games, however the main focus will be on their C++ skills and attitude.

Excellent rates and great benefits... a fantastic opportunity

For further information please contact:
Daniel Buckley
02 8226 9603

All introductions are subject to our terms of business.

Specialist Recruitment

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had assumed mf when i saw that add, but i have no clue.

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Thanks for trying - and yeah i forgot about micro

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It looks like Team Bondi to me. From Team Bondi's 'Jobs' page ( ):

Art Jobs
Technical Animator 17.01.06
3d Animators/Character Modelers 22.11.05

Programming Jobs
Senior Gameplay Programmer 11.01.06
A.I. Programmers 22.11.05
Menu Programmer 22.11.05
Gameplay Programmer 22.11.05
Tools Programmer 22.11.05
Research Programmers 22.11.05

I.T. Jobs
I.T. Manager/Systems Administrator 22.11.05