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Hi. i would like to try to get work experience at a game studio in melbourne. I tried to get work experience at Blue Tongue but they were full. The reply email they sent back led me here. Plz someone reply to this as i'm need this in June 14th to 25th.

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I am a year 10 student and I attend Sunbury secondary college. I am equiring about work experience as it is a part of my curriculum this semester.

I am very keen to get into the field of games development/gaming hardware when I finish school and I feel this experience will be a great way to get a taste for what kind of work I will be experiencing. I am very interested in gaming consoles, video game design and the way they work, so I feel this is the perfect future career for me.

I believe that will provide me with the perfect opportunity to get a feel for the game development Industry. I would enjoy the chance to work as a part of your team because your company has an excellent reputation in the game/creative arena. I believe that games development/gaming hardware would provide me with a wealth of experience that I do not believe I would acquire anywhere else.

I believe that I have the enthusiasm, personality and ability to carry out work tasks in an efficient manner. I am keen to learn a lot more about this field of work and games development/gaming hardware in general.

Thank you for taking time to read this email.

I look forward to a response from you
Please contact me at

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Please read our special thread on Work Experience here, thanks.