Senior Quality Assurance Tester for Half Brick


Do you want to work for a company that respects its staff and has an exceptional, motivated team that values making fun, innovative games?

Do you want to work on projects that are well managed and staffed so that endless crunch times are no longer the norm?

Do you want to work with a game development process that sets aside time to prototype and focus test to ensure that a game will actually be fun to play?

If you answered yes to ALL of these questions then Halfbrick Studios is the place for you. Halfbrick Studios Brisbane is currently seeking a Senior Quality Assurance Tester for an immediate start.

Personal Attributes:

- Must enjoy working within a team environment.

- Must pay attention to detail.

- Must be self-motivated, driven & punctual.

- Must strive for continual improvement.

- Must be able to work within deadlines and follow schedules.

- Good communication skills.

- Must be able to delegate.

- Must have industry experience in quality assurance and software testing.

Please forward your CV to