Online game stores

I have created a wiki page devoted to listing online game stores:

If you know of any other stores, either add it to the list, this thread, or PM me and I'll add it.

Alternatively, if you have any feedback on any of the stores, add it to this threadredwyre2006-09-23 13:21:53

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Are you interested in games companies that are just selling their own games?

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Probably not for that page, but we could always make another page for companies that do :)

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Great idea! Have added in Gamehead.

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The beginnings of a most useful wiki, I say!

After I'm doing some things on the forum, and finishing off the design for Sumea Creative, I'll be hell bent on working on Sumea Game which will have a tonne of features, and will definately draw infro from the above entry in the Wiki.

As for feedback, I've used Gameswarehouse a lot, and they've never disappointed me.