Development Manager (aka Program Manager) 3D


Do you know everything there is about 3D graphics development?

We are seeking a world class Development Manager, also known as a Program Manager or Engineering Project Manager.

The role is based in Auckland, New Zealand; if you would need to relocate then we are only seeking people who have previously given *serious thought about living in New Zealand*.


We are seeking someone very technical who can work with the big picture "what" "why" and "how" as well as drill down to any micro level discussions and implementation architecture. Project Management skills and understanding of "when" and "who" are also required and a software coding background is highly preferable.

Living and breathing 3D Graphics (of all sorts) is essential, we need someone who has been at Siggraph for the last xx years and knows 3D graphics inside and out (CAD, games, and/or simulations).

Other duties and requirements:-

* must have long term wide ranging experience in Computer Graphics (3D in particular) and be up-to-date with developments (10-20 years) . You must know all the major CAD and 3D Content Application tools are and are for and have been involved in visualization for many years.

* Software Development and Software Lifecycles expertise

* Enterprise experience and software lifecycle experience is also a must.

* required to understand:

- internals of 3D scene graph representations , animation systems, rendering architectures, interactive systems

- CAD, PLM, PDM enterprise systems

* will play prominent role leading a large team of 50+ developers in groups with individual managers

* must provide leadership and vision from a platform of knowledge

* Management of design, development and project management resources.

* Management of internal and external works programmes to ensure key performance indicators are achieved.

* Full compliance with all relevant regulatory and standard industry software and engineering requirements.

* Monitor and control associated design and project management cost and profitability.

* Actively promote the implementation of clients Quality Control System.

* Co-ordinate staff training and development programmes.

* Initiate / sponsor the improvement of relevant design and project management practices / procedures / processes.

* Responsible for high levels of customer satisfaction.

* Meet and exceed agreed KPIs.

* Maintain the highest standards of professionalism in dealing with staff and customers.

* Will report to the VP Of Engineering

* Various other duties (please contact me if you think this is a good fit).

You will be involved in changing the world in computer graphics and play a prominent role in "Making 3D as ubiquitous as text"

I can honestly say that this company is one of the most exciting and rewarding places you will ever work.

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