I am new here

I am seeking for a entry level job role in the industry.

I am good at 3d level/map modeling and some visual design,A little production knowledge.
not for programming , just only can create conversation dialog.
additionally I have some marketing researching knowledge.
Hope anyone could give me some advise or information of where I can go for it.

Probably south-east Queensland area is the best for me.

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You're after an entry level job, but which role are you exactly after? It sounds like the abilities you listed is suited for game design.

You can check out our industry listing of developers in Queensland to see what studios are around there at:


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Sounds more like a level artist to me?

If so, working on portfolio is your top priority. Showcasing good design, understanding of low poly modeling, texturing and shaders for game industry practice is your raffle ticket to a job in the industry.

Think this kind of art in terms of tricks and methods: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=39&t=671698&page=1&pp=50

Good luck!