just wondering


incase people are to lasy to email and what are some of the other forum members comments

what u think my chances are

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Suggestion, to further what youve displayed, how about finding some free space and making an online portfolio ?

Not to dampen spirits, but at the krome evening a few months back, The lead art guy said something along the lines of " MAYBE one out of the top 5 or 6 artists in this room ( which at a guess was approx 100 - 120 ) would have a CHANCE at getting a job.

It doesnt mean to say people arent good enough - its more to say that theres not enough dev houses to accept all the talent.

Cant stress enough, how much to get your showreel out and fire it off, uprgrading it and your online portfolio as much as you can, until you get your chance. If you keep at it, you WILL get your chance. [:D]