Pandemic - 3D Artists, Animator, World Builder


From Bigkid ( ):

Pandemic Studios Pty Ltd is the Australian arm of US based Pandemic Studios, having developed products for EA, Sony, Lucas Arts and Activision amongst others. We are looking for a number of Artists as we move to full production on an unannounced project in a month or so.

The project is character-driven, and is an original concept platform-style game on a next generation console. We primarily use 3DS MAX 5 and Photoshop to create art assets.
3D Artists

We have two positions for artists skilled in modelling and texturing. Their primary role will be to create the objects and creatures that populate the environments of our worlds. Your portfolio should demonstrate the ability to create outstandingly beautiful surroundings filled with such assets and show clever and efficient use of resources. An ability to adapt appropriately to the art style will be essential.


We have at least one position within a small team of animators. This role is largely for character animation. We are looking for an understanding of both 3D and traditional character animation. You will need the ability to create expressive and dynamic lines of action and facial animation, and be able to turn a character into a living personality.

World Builder

We have a position for the production of small and large-scale worlds. You must demonstrate a proven ability to build visually dynamic, well-balanced environments - considering art, design, technical and gameplay concerns. Good communication skills are essential as is being able to communicate a solid rationale for visual design solutions. Great attention to detail is needed along with a high proficiency in the tools used. Experience in lighting game environments a plus.

Please direct all applications and enquiries to or mail to :

Pandemic Studios
Centro II on James,
Unit 14, 23 James Street,
Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006

Chris Bowden