United States/Europe Tsumea equivalent

Does anybody know of any websites similar to Tusmea, which have an equally reliable and all inclusive source of employment opportunities, in Europe or America?

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If you're after US and European game jobs, you're spoilt with choices. The two most obvious ones are gamesindustry.biz and gamasutra.com, but any general game developer related site around that has a job board would be covering those particular regions.

Very niche sites like tsumea which cover a very specific region on game development are a pretty rare breed. I don't think I've seen many sites around do what we do (I've only spotted one Indonesian site that covers local game dev).

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If your looking to get in communication with your peers overseas. make a linkedIn account and join some of the game-dev groups. from there you can advertise your folio, resume and make postings. http://www.linkedin.com

Additional to this forums like GameDev.Net is a game dev forum that's pretty large and popular. promoting your stuff there will help. http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/

I offer these two examples because it's also what I'm doing. :)