[ Perth Gamers Meetup ]

Hey everyone,

Just in time for GO3, the event will be a chance for all the gamers in Perth to socially get together. The event is starting off with an all ages meet and eat at Fast Eddies on Murray Street, and will continue for the 18+ to the Moon and Sixpence Pub after that. Who knows where the night will lead after that :)

Organised by Brett (from AustralianGamer.com) and Vook (from Vooks.net), both Yug and Matt from AustralianGamer.com will also be attending, and it should be a great night had by all the local Perth gamers as well as any interstate gamers visiting for GO3.


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Small Update :

Adrian and some of the crew from http://www.notrees.org will be joining us at The Moon for drinks.

They do art stuff so will probably be wearing berets or drinking french wine. For those of you into interactive media etc I recommend checking out their site and/or their G03 setup.

If your artistic you can also enter some of the competitions they have going there for demos, art and music and win money, which you could then use to buy Matt, Brett and I drinks.

In other news, Brett says he's not getting enough prank calls or dodgy text messages, and encourages everyone to call him at strange hours and sing me the Pina Colada Song.