Knights of the Old Republic 2.

Whose bought it, played it, completed it?

I liked the new ruleset and ability to
upgrade equipment. New level cap is lvl
30 (start as jedi then prestige classes
at lvl 15). Nice eye-candy, less planets
than Kotor 1 though. Storyline is more
linear, and the combat AI is still crap.

An idea for 'fixing' the linear story
might be to flush the suspicious old
woman freeloading on your ship out
of your airlock right at the start.

What did you think of it?

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well i was looking forward to finding out what would happen to the suspicious old woman, but now thats all ruined isnt it?![;)]

the game is pretty cool, but the first was a bit better i think...

at first i thought the storyline was a bit hard to follow, but now that i am getting into it is is coming together...

havent completed it yet, but only had it for a couple of days...

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The load times, oh my unholy god ,whats with those load times.


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Yes. It crashed regularly on area transitions on
my machine, though my graphics card is a bit temperamental.

The suspicious old woman is a VIC (very important character
- steve jackson term). That's all I'll say. [;)]

Saw a funny spoof review of it: http://www.pointlesswasteoftime.com/kotor.html

'Also, remember be sure to kill everything you see and rob
their lifeless bodies in plain view of all the townsfolk,
for that is the Jedi way.'