Hello peoples !!!

I?m sorry I have been so inactive lately !

So what's been happening well i started by cruising up to GCAP in Brizzie where i spent majority of the time selling our unsigned game which came second by SEVEN OMG SEVEN votes to the Qantm college game. THATS SEVEN VOTES ahhh we where so close !!!! ROCK ON JUNGLE ESCAPE !!!!

Then there was the sony night haha it was excellent raspberry and vodka till it came out my ears. What i thought was even more terrific was that someone came up to me and goes "Your neffy from sumea right?" I was like hell yes !!! unfortunately I cant remember who that was since i was incredibly drunk :( humm I have photos tho -_^

Then the Sunday after I flew down to Melbourne and the Monday i started my job at Red Tribe. Been good work so far and getting great insight into how things work in the games industry



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lolz, gratz to you neffy!

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Damm you. Damm your dammy damm damm ass to dammy damm helly damm damm hell.

In other words..


I'm very happy for you actually. You have the initiative and talent and you in turn got a job. Personally I couldn't think of a better 20 year old to give it to.

Rock on Neffy, Have a Twinkie.

*gives twinkie*

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Hey, congratulations on the GCAP entry, as well as the job at Red Tribe!

We have some footage of Jungle Escape up on Sumea and it looks very cool! Some very nice gfx and ideas happening there!

I really thought that all the Unsigned Games (indie) entries were terrific! It definitely must've been pretty tough to judge this year. Final Justice by Qantm was great, Frequency by the Southbank Institute looked extremely fun to play (resembling a Micro Machines racing game - you can't go wrong there), and Chiko the Accidental Alien was beautiful and fun too! (although I thought this probably deserved to be in the Unsigned Games (professional) category!)

Anyway, glad to hear you had fun at GCAP

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i hope im not in that video =/ i made an ass of my self to these one lot people that came by filming

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Unfortunately, you're not on there, but if anyone has a link to said video, please do post it here

Usually when a forum poster on Sumea mentions they got a job in the industry, that's pretty much the last we hear from them again . It's happened a fair few times actually, so please don't disappear! Try to part some of your knowledge on Sumea now and again, please!!

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I swear its not true..... Im posting after getting a job.... see :)

I have to agrre that the conference rocked...... wish I could remember a bit more of the sony party..... but Ive been told I had a good time :)

thats actually not a bad vid of the game..... and its even got a running comentary by richard.......

'tis a pity we only came second, but it was a blast anyway.....

already looking forward to next years conference :)

PS, hope you are enjoying the new job Neffy :)

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you know they even made us scream out the name of there website it was 2 words and i cant for the life of me remember them. Ill try and hunt it down because you asked but they had one dude up front talking about the game and the rest of us in the back doing "background noise" and yea i was dancing and getting our mascot to beat up people and stuff -_-

Awwwww of course i will try i wont ditch yah! I think I read something about a new art project YAY !!!!
I could only post up my silly little anime fanarts that i did in my hotel because Ive been so Internet deprived lately. When I'm settled ill make a return i have this habit of always wanting to increase my post counts on whatever forums i join up with :D

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i was the one filming the one with the commentary. i figured i could play it myself, or get a team member who knew what he was doing to do it while explaining it.