Blue Tongue - Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

Hi!! Just asking if ANYONE has a clue as to when Blue Tongue software is releasing their next game, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis? If anyone knows the exact ( or close to exact) release date it would be greatly appreciated!! Also, will Australia get it first or will it be released overseas before it's released here? [?]




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On I have the release down as 22/10/02 (in four days!).. I can't remember where I got that date from, but I wouldn't make it up or anything.. [:)] Blue Tongue certainly have been pretty quiet... You could fire an email off to Muzboz as he works there, and see if he's kind enough to tell you.. look for him in the memberslist.

Oh, I just had a look at your jurassic park site.. looks like you know much more on that game than we do. [B)]

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XBox magazine gives it a release date of november.
CYer, Blitz

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Thanks guys! Just wish they would release a permanent release date! Looking forward to it though!! [;)]


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If you find any new details, let us know, ok! [:)]

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OK. Tiny bit: Charles "Bud" Tingwell is playing the voice of "John Hammond" in the game ( for those of you who have seen the Jurassic Park movies)![;)]


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JP is now slated for 1st Qtr 2003.


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It would be great to get it here in Australia first, but that never happens with anything decent. The Americans usually get things at least 3-6 months prior to us. I hate it too but what can you do.

The universe is big so don't complain

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I believe Warcraft 3 came out at almost the same time, and also a few other games hit the stores here just like 1 day after, or even before they hit the store shelves in America. The popular games at least, I'm sorry if you were expecting something not top of the line though.

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I remember when we were first to get Donkey Kong Country. Ahhh.... *blissful reminiscent smile*

Chris Bowden