HI everybody!

Hi everybody.

My name is Ruben, I am a new member of Tsumea initiative and i would like to now how can i upload some of my work o the gallery....


nice to meet yo all!

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Hi there, welcome to the site!

To upload stuff to the gallery, you just post something in your journal and add pics there. When you log in, go to "Create General Content" up the top bar there, then choose "Make Journal Entry"

Looking forward to seeing your stuff!

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thank you!!!

I am going to upload right noW!!

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I do not know if I did it well.....can you see my stuff in the concept art folder??



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Hi Rubenart, looks like you got 2 posts in there, I would have though something should have appeared on the tsumea home page though! not sure why not...

some really nice work though.

edit: it is on the front page = look like you are in business.

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Thank you!!!more uploads soon!