THQ Challenge Entry - Manix

Ok, Well the idea I have is still being worked on so I don't know if I can do it in the time given, or if I will just make a simpler one but here is my idea:

It is a god sim where you influence your followers to advance the tribe. Think Black and White with less direct interaction with your people. For example, you will have a leader of your tribe, and depending on attributes that they have (E.g. Warmonger, Poet) will depend on what your tribe focuses on (E.g. Killing everything in sight, trying to build a prosperous community). Your influence comes in the for of 'God Abilities'. E.g. If your leader is a Warmonger and you want a Poet, you can strike them down with lighting and hope the new leader is better.

What I'm hoping to see is that if you start a game, and walk away, you little people will just continue on evolving without any input.

That's kind of it.

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Finished the design and starting to code the program. Going to be harder that originally thought. Like most of the things I do.