Australia Games Industry Awards

I'm wondering what Awards there are within Australia, apart from those at the AGDC and AIE?

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There's the annual Sumea Developer Awards ! [;)] I think awards within the games industry is a relatively new thing - the previous AGDC awards held in 2002 happens to be the first one. I don't think there are any others?

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Overall awards in Games Development are not really big occasions, I mean even at the GDC in America the awards were very low key, with most people just coming up, going thanks and leaving. Plus there's not enough glitz and glamour at the awards, not like the Oscars and whatnot. I think that has something to do with the amount of female developers in the Industry, and the fact that everyone is dressed casually...

Oh well.

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The fact that game development is still considered a geeky profession, as opposed to making movies, probably doesn't help the whole popularity thing :P
CYer, Blitz

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We don't pull the same kind of media exposure as hollywood trash there's no point in having glitz and glamour! Still, I think recognising those in the industry that excel is very important, and awards will probably start showing up more often to reflect that.

I don't imagine that being uptight and 'superficially concious' has anything to do with the value of awards anyway!

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Maitrek: But I want to wear my new frock dammit! lol

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Malus: If you want to wear a frock to some Game Developer Awards, wear one on sunday of the AGDC then - I dare ya to!