Sumea Paint Activity #1 - Johnn

a small start with some ideas. I hope I can find the time to complete a finshed piece for this activity.

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fast running out of days for this activity! here is my second wip. The pic has somehow gone a bit 'girl-romance-fantasy' without my intending it to. Guess that will keep Neffy happy at least.

Looks like there is one more saturday in the month so I might be able to fit in some more progress.

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You get my vote for drawing a wang.


It appears there is an abundance of wangs in this contest. You lose my vote!! Unless you paint something of unparalelled awesomeness. Sorceror Bob2007-03-25 06:09:17

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is that a dare to draw an erect penis Sorceror Bob? ...maybe it's lucky that I finished the drawing before reading you edited post!

anyways- finished drawing. If time permits I will attempt to add some colour.

edit: adding link to a version at 1000x800 as the activity required --1000x800 version--JohnN2007-03-31 19:52:50

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Yes happy Neffy :)

You have such interesting wings !! Good work