Anyone got the goss on Ratbag at all?

Whats it like to work there, Any bad vibes?
I've heard tales of directionless projects
and Infogrames(sorry, Atari) throwing their
weight about there.

Admitedly, this goes back to about a year
ago so might not be the case anymore.

Also, what are they working on?

I know they have three projects(Other than Powerslide)
on the go at the mo, that all obviously have someting
to do with driving.

Just curious cos' I had an interview with them recently...
Don't want to upsticks to Adelaide only to find it out
they're a hellhole to work for...


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i live in adelaide, havent heard any of that. Tho howed the interview go, im currently applying there havent heard anythign for ages tho....

can i see some of your work?