Activity #1 2D - Pantmonger

Im in on this one, now I just have to find the time... I think I left some behind the lounge.


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Elizabeth the IV, Lich Queen of the British Empire

I screwed one of the hands up, but other feedback is welcome.


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Great stuff pants [:)]

A nice design, a good feeling of weight, a balanced feel to the characters design - good stuff. The only other obvious thing is it feels very warcraft 3 night elves with the skin and hair colour combo and empty white eyes.

The lighting feels very ambient and diffuse - the ranges a little "off" over the different materials. Eg, darkest point of lighting on the skin doesn't match the darkest range of the metal or cloths. one way to check against this type of thing is to be looking at it from a good distance, so zooming out to 33% magnification or looking at photoshops little navigater window to help look at the picture wholistically instead piece by piece as we're prone to do when we get into the detailings. The other thing that really helps with this is to put a hue/saturation adjustment layer on top of your stack and pull the saturation right down effectively making it grayscale to just look at the tonal ranges.

One thing you may want to consider, more a stylistic presentation thing than anything, but in your coloured pic maybe lose the internal inking lines, like the knee, rib, and neck lines, and rely on hard edged shading to describe these forms.

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Nice, I like the skintones.

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Wow. Awesome work pants. Great design.

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Nice, I really like the headdress, I think the metal work is done nicely. I also like her sword, that's a funky sword! Although, the outline could be a bit too thick on it, I think in the coloured version the thick overall outline gets a bit lost, so you only really see it on the headdress and the sword. Maybe if the whole colour was lightened a touch so that the darkest tone isn't as dark as the outline, maybe. Sweet!


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J.I. Styles:
Thanks, the warcraft 3 skin tones was one of those things that just happened as I was thinking of the skin I wanted on a dead person the hair colour I just liked and the eyes, well at higher res they look more like cataracts then empty white.
I will try the Hue/Saturation adjustment layer next time I do something along these lines.
Usually I would remove some of the lines you mentioned, in this case I was pressed for time so everything got done a bit faster then I otherwise would do it and certain things didn?t get done. Like the fact that the line work is still in pencil, I would usually use ink, stuff like that. But thanks again for the feed back.

Makk: Thanks.

Happy Camper: Thanks

matias: Thanks, Yeah the outlines thickness and tone is giving me a few issues, next time I?ll make sure that I make time for the inking step.