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Hey every1.

My Name is Gavan, I?m 19 years old and from the Gold Coast.
Great site u guys have here, its good to know that we have a community like this running on Australian Game Development.
Well, I thought it would be good to sign up to these forums and start to get associated with people from the industry and comunnity.
I am currently a second year student at QANTM College studying;
Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment; majoring in Games Programming.
I have always loved playing games and am quite excited to enter the industry next year, a dream job, lol.
Even thou I am doing programming I would like to enter the industry in a role such as QA - just to get a grip and feel of things before I jump into a programming role, my future goal is to some day aspire to the role of Project Manager.

Well, just thought I?d make a post introducing myself, I look forward to becoming a contributing member to this site.


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Well Gavan mate. Welcome to sumea and good for you on taking yet another step closer to getting into the industry. Taking the time to meet and greet others.

In whatever you want to do take this piece of advice that many have said to me.

Be passionate about the job. Sure it's filled with tales of shit and woe , but it's only by positive thinking and working and trying to achieve that which others wont that the industry fills with better people.

Be nice to others. Both the rich and poor classes work in this industry and try to maintain friendliness and never snob off others if you have been given opportunities that others cannot afford. The only people below you are those who treat others as tools and items and not as talented people.

Even if this sounds overly dramatic, just keep it in mind. Be a nice bloke.


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Nicley said Caroo

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Welcome to the site, Twinsen [:)]

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Welcome to the party