Sydney Game Testers

Hey, i was just wondering, how old do you have to be, to be a game tester? (ie over 18, over 13 etc) And i would also like to know, what devs or publishers that are around Sydney that employ game testsers?

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Game tester, I'd say probably at least of legal working age, I think some companies might take work experience people as testers, although I do not know that for sure. If not that then do it when you're doing uni.

So I'd say not until you're at least 16, and then probably not until you're 18+

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Best way to get going is start testing free stuff out on the internet, get some testing skills behind you. Learn to document bugs you find, as well as how to make them happen again (this can be fun for those 1-out-of-a-100-times bugs @;-)

Keep your eyes out for offers for open and closed beta testing. And if you have mates that program, ask to test their stuff too. The more experience you get behind you, the better the chance you'll have.

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Yeah, friends programs are full of bugs :)

Bug catchin' is an art, and an art worth yer learnin'

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It's only an art because we haven't made a real science for it...

(Art->Science->Engineering, that's how it roughly works)