48 Hour Challenge #1 - TheBigJ - Challenger #2

Still deliberating on what I'm going to do. Trying to find a retro game that can effectively incorporate the endangered species theme. I'll post details closer to the weekend once I make up my mind.

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How about missile command.
Endangered species: EVERYTHING
CYer, Blitz

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Just pick up mame or a c64 emulator :) gave me heaps of ideas.. (I want to do too many things now!)


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Okay I think I've made up my mind.

My game will be "Simian Rescue". A save-the-monkeys version of "Lunar Rescue" with some elements from "Choplifter".

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Project is coming along nicely, had original features working earlier today, spent this afternoon implementing some new (cool) features. Spent the last couple of hours tweaking gameplay, trying to make it actually fun. Might add some new technical features as I'm fast running out of things to code.

I still have artwork and sound effects to worry about..

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Actually thats a good point.. How the hell am I going to come up with these sound effects?

*Practises helicopter voice*..

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Okay.. 24 hours to go.

Game is playable. All features in original design are completed plus some extra stuff. Game seems stable and is fun to play (although I need to tweak the difficulty.. its kicking my arse).

Artwork is a major concern. I've bodgied-up a chopper for the player but I still need to do a few models and sprites to make the design work. A background sunset would be nice also.

As far as the next 24 hours, I may come up with some new technical features or I may just polish off what I have. Who knows, the night is still young and my coffee mug is still full.

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Game is finished and available for download in the official submission thread.

My current top score: 20 Monkeys!