UK Game developer moving to Australia

Which city offers the best job opportunities for game developers? at the minute it seems that Melbourne does but I do quite fancy giving Sydney a whirl. Can any locals point me in the right direction?

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Well I've worked in both Brisbane and Melbourne and I'd have to say in terms of Industry strength Brisbane wins by quite a long shot, it just seems a lot more mature up there. As for jobs, for thoes with little industry experience I'd say Melbourne however, as most places in Brisbane seem to only go for people with a fair amount of exp.

You'd just have to gauge your own level of experience I guess, if you have 5+ years then go to Brisbane, under that Melbourne. Now obviously there are good places in Melbourne as well, there are heaps, and you never know when entry level positions will open up in Bris, so by all means I reckon just send your applications to everywhere and go to wherever the bites are. Not too sure of Sydney, there are not so many companies there but what is there could be great so once again, hunt around.

There's also one starting up in Perth as well, though I think it's the only one at the mo.

Hope that helped.

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if you are senior staff, brisbane. theres quite a lot of jobs here for senior staff.