I've been recently giving thought to making my own website so i can show of my work [:D], I would like to make a flash one, and though my bro has the program i have no idea how to use it and he wont tell me.

Does anyon know how you go about making one and how i can get started. where is there a good place to host your site as well. All help is appreciated as always.

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are you planning to pay for hosting somewhere or are you hoping for a geocities like free solution, because even if you get a geocities or whatever page you can get a free .tk domain or something (a mate of mine does similar, but hes got a bit of a better hosting situation). Though im not sure if there compatible to upload a flash page...

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You should find everything you need here.


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Flash is nice.. I tend to not like using it as my primary form of interface for website.. just watch that you don't create a .swf file thats HUGE! its really easy to do and it just makes your site take longer to download.

html is your friend

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yeah I reckon its nice to incorprate it here and there, but you have to be careful tho. Some of the worst sites have been made entirly in flash!!! Of course some of the best have been too! I usually use flash just to mess about animating, but I had a site, it was like training tools or something, sorry dont have an address, but it was the complete BASICs, really simple, I found it cool cos I have an odd learning curve, sorta starts off REALLY steep, haha. But yeah flashkit is prolly your best bet, if not it'll be hell of a starting point!

Oh, dont forget to post the link to your site when your finished!! [:D]