Open GL Driver

Can anyone please help?

( sorry i'm new to windows),I'm running 3d max in Xp pro 64 and can't use opengl only
direct 3d9.0.

Does XP pro come with opengl or is it a download.I have an XFX 7600gt pcie,do i download
the opengl driver for the Graphics card or for xp pro what should i do? is opengl 2.0 the latest driver.

Any help would be appreciated

Thank's, Sheldyn

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openGL is supported by your graphics card driver or not. You do not need to download anything other than your specific card's latest drivers.

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Thank's mcdrewski,my card(xfx 7600gt) does support opengl,but at the momment i can only use direct3d in 3dmax just wondering why i can't use opengl.
Is there a way to check or activate opengl?

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the reason is *probably* that you're using XP64. I hear there are technical issues with XP64 using both 64bit and 32bit DLLs. do you know if your card supports it in any *other* applications (WoW? 3dmark?).

If so - you have a 3dmax issue of some kind - I really don't know enough to help sorry :(
If not - you have a winXP64 issue - you can go back to xp32 or live with the DX9 implementation...

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Glad to see some other people suffering the same kind of problems I am. I can run OpenGL but it is really buggy with my copy of Max7.
I cant display materials in the view port and all vertex points in my edit mesh are displayed as black even when selected. When I switch to ploygons in edit mesh all invisible edges are displayed as though they were visible edges.
On top of this it is impossible to do spline modelling because any new line created is not displayed unless display renderable mesh is selected.
I downloaded the latest drivers for my graphics card but didnt help.
Have recently switched to using Max8 and it works perfectly.