Nintendogs - a look at the design..


Interesting read about the fundemental principles of game design as applied to Nintendogs


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I've got a video of an E3 presentation that features nintendogs lying around on my hdd somewhere waiting to be watched. I guess I will tonight or something.

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sounds very interesting. i dismissed nintendogs previously becuase it came accros as a small game that you'd play for a few weeks then lose interest in. but judging by the popularity of it thus far it might be work checking out. the article also makes it sound much larger and longer lasting than i previously thought. not that i'm against small games or anything, it's just that at $70 a game i like something that's going to keep me interested for a decent length of time.

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One of the things they got right with it - since when have you seen 1 game be in the top 10 at 3 different spots :-P

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and maintain those places (or there abouts, moving up and down slightly) for several months