Work Expierence in Melbourne....

hey....i am a 16 year old student VERY interesterd in 3D animation/modeling and I need a work epierence postion for ONLY ONE WEEK! and i was wondering if anyone new were i could goto find one....all the places i have called hhave said no:( and that atari website is under yeah....i haev exmaples of ma work aswell :)

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It wont be in 3D but if you want a pritty fun week of work experiense and get to know some angles of game development try wicked witch softwere. I did a weeks work experiense with them a while back. The'll more then likly get you to do some pixel art. fun stuff.

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hey you have any links or anything....ill google like.....can i get some more deatil son waht you did:p thanks:p