#1 - Texturing

To improve upon your organic texturing skills both in terms of your 2d abilities and conforming to the uv's by skinning the head model provided.

Things to do:
1) Texture the head model provided using 1 512x512 texture sheet. It doesn't have to strictly be human, but must conform to the mesh and its uv's (so crazy light blue coloured humanoid alien with snake eyes and a whopping scar across its nose is just fine!). The point of this is to improve your organic texturing abilities which are arguably the most difficult area for people to get to grips with.

2) Create a personal thread for yourself in this format:
"Activity #1 Texturing - Your Name"
Post your images in this thread (texture sheet, texture on model unlit 100% self illumination, texture on model lit).

Activity resources:

Humanoid head model (*.3DS format):

Humanoid head model (*.DXF format):

Humanoid head model (*.ASC format):



Hopefully this covers most all applications imports - if your application isn't covered, firstly check for an import plugin, and if that fails download a conversion program.

Feel free to discuss this topic in this thread.
Good luck!

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Next time, would it be posible to export the mesh to a more cross-app friendly file? Like an .obj file or something. That way non-Max users can have fun as well.

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Help me out here -

Firstly, what application are you referring to which doesn't support .3ds? (the resident max format is .max btw, .3ds is a raw old format which the vast majority of applications support import of). As far as I knew, .obj was lightwave object file - that's far less cross standard as far as I knew. Hoping I'm proved wrong [:)]

secondly if you could supply me with a url of a working .obj exporter plugin that works for 3dsmax 4.x I'd gladly supply it. Sending a few more formats to put up.

edit: just adding that the other formats I'm supplying are .dxf and .asc - 3dsmax 4.x (what I use at home) doesn't support any other exports out-of-the-box.

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There is no texture sheet in there!

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adding blocked and wire bases in there too then. emailing 'em off tonight.

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the texture sheet is there [:)] just add unwrap UVW on top of the stack and use texporter to get the texture sheet [:)].

ill do this one it is a good pratice

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Maya hates .3ds files. Tried quite a few times before. I thought it supported .dxf, but I can't find it listed there. If you try putting it up, I will definitely give it a go.

Maya's preference for cross-app formats is .obj (like Lightwave and I am fairly sure most other apps are the same). Here is a link to a few .obj importers/exporters for Max
Don't ask me how well it works as I haven't used Max for two years :p

You shouldn't have to worry too much about exporting files for LW use as LW could always open Max scenes perfectly.

There was also another free app that was released a few years back that could open any 3D file format and export it to any other format. I can't remember the name of it, but I will ask my 3D walking bible friend about it.

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Deep Exploration will do it, although it's not free. 30 day trial does it though. http://www.righthemisphere.com/products/dexp/index.htm

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aven: that proggy would have been that one in the Deep product range (deep paint, deep uv's etc) something like deep explorer or something *shrugs* I used to have an older version which was good until they changed it into the commercial bloated poop they have now. No idea where to start to even dig that up though unfortunately.

Anyways, got souri to host up a few more formats (.asc and .dxf) as well as the base flats both blocking and wires (cheers for that souri, hope I'm not getting too annoying [:)])- anything else you need I'm sure you can export and make yourself [;)]

edit: hehe, good call souri [:D] - yes I'm slow in posting [;)]

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hey guys

is that the onli way max can export to maya by using right hemisphere software ?? is there any other scripts / plugins that can easily do it..
need help on this ASAP

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I have seen a few scripts to do it, but have had little luck. I will ICQ my friend and see.

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I still have 3D Exploration! :D
Aaah...but its only the demo and god knows how long it expired ago, so I cant really be of much help.

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hehe thanks guys just cant seem to find anything but im sure theres bound to be one or else everyone will have cross platform hissy fits [:P] i guess deep exploration demo it is [:)]

thankx once again