AGDC 2004 Sumea Meetup

So who's going? I guess there will be a sumean meetup like last time?

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In the shot with me pointing at myself (cant remember why I was doing that, although the 7 beers I had might have had somthing to do with it) the guy next to me with his eyes closed is Shadow_Panda and on the right of me is Aaron (don't know if he's on Sumea).

I certinaly had good time in Melbourne I must say. It was good to meet you MoonUnit, we realy did seem to keep bumping into each other. As for our bet LiveWire, Jacana told me that you guys bought a round for us cause we lost, which is pretty good because I was all out of money buy sunday anyway. Next time i will get the next round. [:)]

Also, did anybody notice how expensive that All Star bar was. I suppose it had a nice atmosphere and all but 7 bucks a beer....
I may have been a little out of it, but I realy slowed down my alcahole consumption after hearing that.

As for that PS2 party night, I realy learned alot about myself that night. Like the fact that although I could drink as much as I wanted, I realy shouldn't. How did everybody feel the next day. I felt like I was in hell.

Can't wait for next year.

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heh thats cause were both artists so both met up in artist talks ;) :P

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Hey guys

Nice pictures of me with the glass in my mouth[:I]

nice meeting all you guys, i might have to become a regular now that i know everyone

I will jsut post what i wrote on the front page.


WOOHOO we won!

Best Unsigned Indie Game

incase you all dont know - I've been making a game with some friends called Scootarama, very similar to mario kart, but on scooters.

Well we've been working on it hardcore for the last 12 weeks, and we decided to enter into the AGDC competition. We got shortlisted in the top 6 and went down to display the game. We took 3 computers down there, with 2 monitors. hehe luckily, someone let us borrow theirs.

We set up everything without glitches, though i had to render out my lightmaps just hours before it was brought into the convention centre.

The nightlife in melbourne is AWESOME!!!! - we went to this club called HEAT. Cutty would've liked it i think. Played some oldschool michael Jackson, and some new and cool stuff. It was actually in the Crown casio and was up about 3 levels. Had huge windows against the yarra river and at 10pm and 12pm (i think) huge fire balls would be let off jsut outside the windows, you could feel the heat inside the club. Looked awesome against everyone dancing. Funnily enough (cutty might like this for other reasons (hehe)), there was a manhunt on in there. Now, sure there were guys taking off their shirts etc. But the audience... wow! I tired but I couldn't even find any unattractive girls there.

Another cool place was chapel street. This place looked awesome, I didn't get to explore it much though, coz i had to get back to the city. It's in south Yarra btw.

on Friday night we had the Playstation 2 party. Was at the starhotel. Was pretty cool as we got a drink card taht had 5 free standard drinks and 1 free shot. With my charm i managed to persuade the two playstation promotional girls tehre to give me another one (after i said i didn't have one:P) Was cool though, we had those sumo suits where you roll and try tackle the other person, and on of those surboards with that rocks around and you have to stay on. Karaoke was also had, unfortunately with my terrible song choice, noone could keep up with the speedy lyrics of jamiroquai - cosmic girl

On the final day packing up, my programmer mik, got a phone call saying we were in the final two. WOOT, later on we found out our competition was the other racing game: ROACH RAGE! Tough competition we already half new they were the other finalists. Our friend scott, a media journalist thought it sucked how they only gave us 1 ticket to the gala event where the winner would be called. He managed to convince the CEO of QANTM to pay for the other 9 of us. btw thats 9 x $143. that was quite cool.

Anyhow, we went ot the event, they had a bunch of classic consoles on display, from the old intellivision to the NEOGEO and SNES concoles and N64 and gamboys. Was great. The speaker eventually got to us and called out scootarama to be the winner! wooT! - Afterwards everyone was given nerf guns and we all had a HUGE nerf gun fight around the tables. I managed to shoot bill roper in the ear (basically the found of the warcraft games from blizzard, now has started his own games company called flagship).

Anyway, was all good fun. Some pictures:
Managed to get Syama (Nart's brother) to let me display the game in the discreet booth)
(bill roper is the big guy with two nerf guns... the nerfinator)
(promotional girls trying out the game)
(looking geeky infront of the girls... at least i got them to play it and vote for us)
(on the way back to melbounre after we won!)
(guy I met from korea, nice guy, gave me some cool info about the games industry there)
(view of the gala event)
(weird billboard I saw down there)
(says it all)

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I'd just like to say that I am a damn-sexy-man-beast, and now you all have the proof! [B)]

Enjoyed myself a whole heap down there, met a lot of nice people (... I also met the scooterama guys... ehehe [:)] ). Hope everyone had fun, and I trust you'll be getting over your hangovers soon [:D]

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mark: chances are the girls just gave you the extra card so you would leave them alone ;) man you were pissed ("take off the lens cap!! take off the lens cap!! take off the lens cap!!"). also we only got 6 other ticekts to the gala awards, not nine, and only 5 were for our team.

Falco: i know i said i would shout you all a beer if we won, but i never saw anyone the next day, unless someone else in our team shouted ya's. i'll have to fix you all up next year.

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quote:Originally posted by rezn0r
PS. We have a photo of us pretending to barf on Bill Roper from the Gala night. He was very confused.

we are still to see this pic... *hint hint*

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Ok finally got around to doing something with the pics. You can find that "Fake Barf" pic and some others on our website under the
"ScreenShots Section"

P.s I am a coder and make crap websites so if anyone wants to volunteer in making a kick ass one for only a carton of beer let me know :-)

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ahh, that Fake Barf pic is a classic. You people are nutters. [:D]

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ok so who wants to PS the barf in?
(extra: woot im in one of those group pics, looking ghastly as usual... damn photos)

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The fact that he agreed to the picture was just as classic :)

"Hey Bill - lets get a picture of some of us pretending to barf on your shoes"