Brisbane Gamers Meetup

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I might actually be able to make this one :O

I'm gonna be in Brissie in early July.

How open is this party, Yug? Aren't you afraid of being the next Corey? XD

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About time you came to one of our shindigs :P

Well, it's open enough that I put my address and phone number on the internet!

My apartment is also in a very secure complex, so the only way to get in is to be let in by me - which means I get to screen and introduce all the people coming in. Considering the size and craziness of some of the NON-gamer related parties I've thrown, these gamer meetups are a walk in the park :)

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"the only way to get in is to be let in by me"

haha that never works well

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True ... it usually ends up everyone lets everyone else in :)

But I've never had any negative incidents at these get togethers so far, and I tend to believe that people are fairly decent at house parties.

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Unless I'm stuck in crunch (like I was last time) I should be there.

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If I were based in Brisbane, I'd be going to the Supanova expos, IGDA Brisbane events (if they're happening anymore), Game Connect, and all the stuff that Truna organises. I'd definitely be up for AustralianGamer shindigs! I really wanted to go to that THQ Australia open studio thing too..

If I were based in Melbourne, I'd be going along to all the Dissecta events, every exhibition at ACMI (hit's of the 80's, Game On etc), Free Play (although I've been to two), Game Connect (I've been to one), Ballerat: Get into Gaming, heck, even that Urban Screens 08 Conference looks pretty damn cool.

And, well.. Sydney's got the Digital Media Exhibitions and some film related stuff, but yeh.. not much in the way of game events.

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Just a reminder that the party is on this Saturday.

To answer a few questions, there will be a Plasma setup downstairs with Guitar Hero and probably Singstar, while the Projector upstairs will probably have Wii Sports, Smash Bros and Mario Kart Wii.

We're also running a live poker tournament downstairs during the party too (on a real table, not in a video game!!).

We're also giving away some free merch, 50 GTA IV collector plastic cups (click here) and 50 Guitar Hero T-Shirts (click here) ...

Plus, we've confirmed a live magician who will be wandering around performing card tricks on the night!

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Damn anonymous posting, that was me above ... :S

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Hey Guys.

I've uploaded a video of the party that has Yug taking you on a guided tour. It was a really great night, except for the lowlifes who ended up stealing a few of Yug and Laurens personal belongings from their house. :( Heres hoping everyones geek powers combine and we track the little shits down.

You can check out the video at:


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What the hell? Who steals someone's shit?

Great night though guys. A++ would visit again.

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My mate who was going to provide the car for the drive up there dropped out, so I couldn't make it :( We were planning to have a drunken shenanigan full weekend in Brisbane.

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Can't believe you bailed Souri!!!

Next time gadget, next time ...

Anyway, I've done a full write up of the event, complete with photos and micks video - find it here:

Cheers to everyone that came, and sucks to be you to those that missed it :P