Flash MX training

Hi all

I live in Perth and find it difficult trying to find a suitable course/cost for Flash MX. Would anyone be interested in teaching me Flash MX on a one-on-one basis. If so please contact me at tony@a1puzzles.com


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While I understand your looking for help, please dont spam these boards. All 5 of your posts are the same message in different sections, completely irrelevant to the topics.

Regardless, Good luck with finding the help you require.

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This might sound stupid but have you thought about teaching yourself?
Many here have all started with the included tutorials of any given program.
I found the best way is to buy one of those learn studio MX books.
They have what any course would teach you and is readily available; you can even go to your local TAFE library and borrow one, to photo copy.
The main reason people join these courses isn't to learn everything about the software (that would take too long and be pointless) but to receive a certificate or diploma at the end.
Your not gonna get that from being taught by some guy.
My advice is to get a book and work through it, if you have any questions forums like Sumea and 3Dbuzz will help you out.

I myself have just started a new job using a program I'd never used before (MAYA) and the first thing I was given was a "learning MAYA" book, and was told to work through a few tutorials.

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Flash is a real easy program to pick up, its interactive tutorials that it has bundled with the package are great. I used them plus a few tutorials online to learn most of my flash experience.

If your looking to get into actionscripting more, try www.flashkit.com Its a good place to get examples of implemented actionscript and figure out how its all put together. They also have alot of tutorials there too.