I. Know. Nothing.

Hey Everyone

New here.

Currently working in a completely different industry as I have been for the past decade, but I've decided to up and take on an IT course with the view to getting into the gaming/animation industry.

Not sure what to expect, only that I'll give it my best shot, work hard and see how I go.

So, apart from knowing the basics of computer operation, I know bugger all really.

But I think that's a pretty good place to start.


Ocea2007-01-15 07:33:02

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All good man, I've been in goin on 4 years now and I still know sweet FA.

Primary advice for getting into art in games is learn the difference between screen assets, and game assets. Modelling works differently, Texturing works differently, Animation work's differently, and a lot more is done in code these days than you'd expect. Learn from game specific tutorials rather than movie based ones, learn that difference and you're golden. Any info you need in that respect I'd imagine people here would be happy to help with or refer you to, good luck with it, getting into games is not an easy task but having both balls and tenacity does pay in the long run.

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meh. key to a career in gaming? (or any career, i suppose) keep learning. Any career involving computers and technology, if you dont keep teaching yourself, or work in an environment you learn from, you are going to fall behind.

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It might also be a good idea to decide what area you are going to try and get in to as well, there is a lot of specialisation these days.... and people wat to see talent in specific areas.

also, at least as important as doing a course is demonstrable skill and interest..... starting a mod or working on a demo is a must