Video games with rock style music?

Hey all.

I am doing some music research for my own development & I am looking for video games which feature original rock style music, used successfully.

The Quake games are a good example, but i'm looking for something a bit less heavy, a tad more mainstream.

Any ideas?



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I have NO idea

Full Throttle? that's waaaaaaay old school though

i think most games have either orchestral or annoying electronic music :) heh

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Going back a few years, you've got games like Killer Instinct (the arcade original, not the watered-down snes port) and Mortal Kombat Trilogy (look for the PS1 or PC version) that used rock-style music reasonably well. More recently I can think of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (even though most reviewers didn't like the music in that game because it didn't fit the series) and as much as I despise them, most of the Wrestling games have original rock music soundtracks so just pick one of the 10 billion or so of those. The Unreal Tournament series has also traditionally had a rock-ish music selection in it. Stuff like Tony Hawk and Project Gotham Racing also feature rock soundtracks although I haven't kept up with either series recently so dunno whether they've switched to just using licensed music now...might be worth looking into. If you'd allow me to "bend the rules" a little - Guitar Hero 3 features several original rock recordings, written specifically for the game, that are used for the "battles" in career mode. Another game that springs to mind is the Grand Theft Auto series though I dunno how much of that soundtrack you'd consider rock.

Hope that at least gives you some places to get started.

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now THAT's a response heh

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Everyday Shooter. pew pew pew

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Thanks, nice responce :)

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destruction derby 2 had a lot of rock music