something to do [your help needed]

ok ok.. I?ve just finished high school. HORRAY!!

so.. I?ve decided to teach myself and make my own levels to make into a game design folio.. Well good for me..

There's a big problem though with this..

Being taught at home gives me no real social interaction... so heres the thing..

if I spend 3 days a week at home working on this folio .. And I spend 2 days a week [the weekends] working.. What should I do for the other two days?

it has to be sociable.. not cost a lot of money ether.. I?m stumped on what to do.. Voluntary time in charity might be good.. But usually people there are elderly.. More looking for young adults like me?hopefully with passion for games and movies and cartoons. I?m thinking maybe looking into film Victoria.. see what they have to offer?probably not a lot. I know game industry is out of the question. No one wants a free loader.

Any ideas?

?and no pubs and stupid remarks please.. XD

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What about joining a DnD group? Sorry, thats the geek comming out in me :p

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How about joining a BnD group? They have a lot of role playing too. Sorry, that is the pervert coming out of me ;).

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You could look at becoming a volunteer for an organisation of some kind. If you play Magic you could join up with people. DnD as stated above. Look at joining a sports team.

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something active - sport, excercise :)
musical? join a band

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How about some life drawing classes, meet other artists, chat about stuff, relax.. But importantly you will be drawing too..

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i second the idea of the life drawing classes, does wonders for your skill and you get to be around like minded people.

edit: oh and rock on, im just out too ;)

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I second the sport motion, specifically team sports. You meet so many people playing sport, plus it sorta keeps you healthy, and you feal great (although tired as hell) afterwards. :-)

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Surfing! Incredible exercise, great social atmosphere, and awesome fun.

And congrats guys on finishing school!