need to procrastinate?

Those who don't know who Jackson Pollock is probably won't enjoy the link quite as much as I did.

and here is my effort at reproducing Pollock's 'Blue Poles'

[img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] Download Attachment: [url=""]blue-poles.jpg[/url]
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I..don't know wether this is taking the micky out of his work or it's a hommage.. i remember seeing blue poles in grade 6 while in camberra.. i initialy thought it was made by a retard..then again i was 13 at the time and i thought good artwork was anything with a face... of how my views have changed.

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lol! well he might have been retardedly drunk when he made it. I understand when Blue Poles was purchaced by the Australian government there was public outrage - so your views in grade 6 were probably in step with the greater general public.

I would like to think the site is having fun WITH Pollock rather than making fun OF him. My rendition of Blue pole is of course paying hommage :)

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Thats... awesome. Lol i love it, i have some lecturers that will like to see that link. Thanks for that!