How did your interviews go?

Hey all!
Everyone seems to be hiring around the place.
Did you apply anywhere? Did you get an interview?
If so, how did it go and what interesting stories do you have?[:D]

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Haven't got a Game Industry Interview story yet.. but I will after tuesday! :P

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I had an interview with Krome back in March, the studios was soo cool, I had to get buzzed in from the street walked up a few step and was faced with the lobby which was full of guys surrounding 3 couches all facing a big screen tv all playing Ty, the place was really cool everyone was casualy dress and the atmosphere was relaxing and fun, I knew straight away I have found where I want to be ... forever, but I didnt get the job, but no worries got a interview this week on wednesday, and this time its goin to be better

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I've been to a few interviews now and have gotten two industry jobs. So here's some advice to both you guys.

Firstly most companies will ask you question, technical questions or whatever. The best trick to these is firstly never lie. Secondly, if you don't know something don't be afraid to say you don't know. The reason being a lot of people will just make up rubbish on the spot, and just dribble away, while if you can just say you don't know it allows your team leader to know immediately that he just has something to teach you and save both of you some time.

Make sure you dress casual but neat. Just ask if ya not confident but most people will just laugh if you do, and go where whatever you want :)

Anyway good luck guys

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Perhaps I'm from a different background, but I'd never dress casually for a job interview. A guy/gal in a suit might look overdressed, but there's absolutely no risk of being underdressed.

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I wouldn't dress in a suit unless I was in some billion dollar company :D I mean it's like hiring a mercedes to drive to the interview. Just dress nice not too casual but not too fancy. Doesn't matter.

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I wear business pants and shoes and a nice shirt for those kinds of interviews. I only wear my suit for an office position at an insurance company. God that was a shit job.

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Had an interview with Krome also about 2 months back. Still havent heard from them so heres hopeing :)

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Gibbz I think after about 2 weeks you lose all hope for that job. 2 months.. they aint calling mate :D.

When I go to interviews I wear my good pair of jeans and a nice buttoned T-Shirt. It's casual but looks really neat.

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Just got offered a QA position @ Krome today, the position is not open yet but when it does I'll be contacted. Gillian also said to call her if I dont hear from her in a week in case she forgets hope she doesnt :S

For my interviews have been nice jeans and buttoned shirt with black shoes

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Congrats AntsZ :)

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thanx Leachy,

I had an interview today for a different company called Nightlife [url][/url] building computers for Nightclubs to take over DJ's pretty cool stuff, but its not really in the industry I want but I still gain some valuable IT experience and maybe a great reference lets just see what happens

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I went to my interview at Fuzzyeyes today. I thought it went well, the guys there are great. I REALLY hope I get the job, looking forward to testing for this guys and I know I am up for it.

A really funny thing happened today actually, I was in the interview in an office and this guy bursts through the door and goes, "Have you seen the ham and cheese?" in a real slow and deep, comical sort of voice, then dissapeared.

Anyways, don't hear a reply until next week :( Time to waste, games to play :D.

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Not many stories to share, but having been on both ends of the stick now, interviewee and a part of the interviewer process, the only things I can contribute are:

- know the differance between an interview and a chat. 99% of the time you're called in because they already know your abilities from the resume you sent last week - people just want to talk to you to find out whether your personality will mesh with the company and work culture. If you're all uptight wanting to impress with your technical knowledge and experiance in this situation, likelihood is you'll come away looking like a nervous prat. Yes, you'll be asked about your knowledge/experiance, but the main point is to just get to know you.

- suits scare people in this industry. They scare me. I'm used to the person in the suit being the one going over your game with a fine tooth comb assessing market viability, not the person under me.

- lastly (and this especially goes for potential juniors) you're allowed to be excited about an opportunity, you're allowed to be avidly into games, but just chill out. You need to learn that you're setting out in a career, making products for a company, and getting a paycheck to feed yourself and pay your bills, and if you haven't learnt this fact yet then that makes you unemployable - we don't want to hire some fanboy kid who'll sell their soul for any opportunity in the games industry because it's the cool thing. This attitude and behaviour not only makes a person a problem employee, but it also perpetuates bad practices in companies that abuse this (eg, hiring 30 juniors at $20,000 pa then firing them once the game ships - it's their fault for letting this company abuse them like that since they took such a crap deal).

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Well first off all this is my first post so greeting to everyone! I've only recently arrived here in Australia and looking for a job in the games industry. I've had a couple of interviews so far so I can only speak of those.
First of all a little background, I came from the UK where i finished a Masters degree in Computer games technology and then moved here. Why didnt i stay there(considering its a bigger industry)?? Well mainly due to personal reasons.
Ok so what i've come to realise so far is: There are not many (if any) opportunities for recent graduates (junior positions) compared to the UK industry. Of the multiple job applications i've done, plus the 2 interviews, it all came down to industry experience (which i dont have...yet).
Secondly, degrees dont mean much (especially my degree from UK, although it means something there - different systems).
Thirdly, many companies are abit rude and take ages to reply (and sometimes dont at all), but this is a worldwide occurence, not only in aussie companies. My worst experience was waiting for a month after I had the interview only for them to say i didnt have enough experience (something that they could have told me early on or at the interview).

But anyway, best advice is to keep trying! the more you look the more possibilities there are for you to get that evasive position.

Btw,McKnight, what was the interview like at Fuzzyeyes?? Was it for the voluntary tester thing or normal tester position? I prolly got an interview with them soon (but for different position), so thats why i'm asking [:D] fingers crossed you get the job! (and i get one too[:p])

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Hi and welcome to Australia.

On the finding work problem and having a Masters degree. well done. I have my Diploma 2 in games but like you say it dose not mean much
here unless you can show that your what there looking for. As I found out the hard way,And ten grand later. Your grades are like 10% if that of what there looking for, And 60% is how good your work looks and I'm sure how fast you are will come in some where there to. 30% is if you will fit in to the teem. well this is what it seam like
from where i stand, And from what i have read and been told.

I'm not sure what part of the 3D world you like to work in or what your skilled in. But I don't think I'm to far off. but as you know its not the same for all of us. I have a wife and two kids.and that makes it a bit harder for me to find work out of the A.C.T .

But all in all best of luck.

love to know how you go.

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quote:Originally posted by Sc00by

Hey all!
Everyone seems to be hiring around the place.
Did you apply anywhere? Did you get an interview?
If so, how did it go and what interesting stories do you have?[:D]

I've had some feedback from people have gained employment via Sumea jobs, but it would be great if people would pass some more knowledge in the forums here too. With many of the job postings here viewed in their hundreds (and someimes up to 600!), and if only a tiny fraction of people applied out of that, I'm sure there are a lot of stories to tell. I know some places get quite a lot of applicants from posting job ads on Sumea.

It'd be also great to know if the Looking For Work postings are working for those who've posted in there. Any success stories?

btw, there's an old topic with the same question which I posted a while ago in this section. [url=""]Worth reading up[/url].

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wow that topic is like 2 years ago, a really good read though.

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Well I finally heard back from Krome Studios today.

Looks like I got the job. Starting in July. Im stoked :)
Its been a long wait indeed....

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Congrats Gibbz, I got turned down by krome just last week :( second time this year *sigh*. Im waiting a reply from Fuzzyeyes, had my interview last week and was told early this week I was suppose to hear from them hopefully I hear from them tomorrow.

Fingers crossed

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Hey AntZ hope ya get the job. Ive had plenty of rejections along the way i know what its like.

Edit nm i found it...

Krome Studios

111 Constance St Fortitude Valley 4006


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I am also waiting for a reply for Fuzzyeyes. Been waiting all week for their reply and I am pulling out my hair :D HOPEFULLY me and AntZ get the job *crosses fingers*

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yep its sooo frustrating even so much that my partner is more anxious than me, she keeps telling me to check my email and have my phone on me at all times. She knows how much I want this job and she wants it for me. lol yesterday i left my phone in another part of the house she found it and it had a missed called she couldnt believe i left it there, but it wasnt fuzzyeyes. hoping for today, fingers still crossed

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I am also waiting for an answer from fuzzyeyes [:D]
its getting kinda crowded here [:p]

but seriously, the best you can do is relaxand try not to think about it too much. They usually take a while to decide, especially if there are lots of applicants. So relax, think positive and do something else in the meantime (prefferably something that will enhance ur portfolios)

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hmm a bit too crowded, oh well all the best guys lets see what happens

skunx: did you go to the volunteer game testing session with fuzzyeyes?

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Yeah I have been working on a Design Document for my portfolio also working on a mod. See in the modding section for info on the mod.

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what kind of information are you after? i would think most people are under NDA so cannot really say mutch about what theyre working on etc?

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I'm sure that if there's this many applicants for that position on Sumea that there must be tenfold more in real life that applied, therefore just be patient because they've got a lot of applications to sort through.

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well I finally heard back from fuzzyeyes, after much consideration, i lack qualifications and the experience for a QA Games Tester.

which brings me to one point you need some qualifications to get your foot in the door, even if you dont want to learn programming or animation at uni.

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argh, sorry to hear that Antz![V] and about qualifications.. i think they are looking for experience much more than qualifications. Qualifications are good for getting u the interview, but experience will get u the job. Its a vicious circle, you cant get a job without experience and u cant get experience without a job.
But dont worry, as long as you try hard you WILL get a position at some point, determination pays off. I havent heard back from them yet, and to answer ur question, no i didnt go to the volunteer testing, i might have had i known about it earlier.

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how does one gain experience if one is not given the chance to experience it

I still think a major point is qualifications in a field thats geared towards games devlopment (not always), it gives the employer to think "hey this guy studied this and this, lets give him a shot @ this 1st"