Indie Developers

Hi all,

Seems very quiet here but hopefully I will get a response. I am wondering if there are any active Indie developers situated on the Gold Coast QLD? I've found some in Brisbane but none on the GC. Thanks in advance for any replies.


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The Binary Mill (developers behind the awesome Mini Motor Racing) are located on the Gold Coast.

There's also N3V Games who are doing some cool stuff on mobile...

Bitfrost Studios are said to have set up on the Gold Coast from mid 2012...

There's also 2 Dudez, although they've been fairly quiet lately.

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A smaller group of us also formed Well Placed Cactus last year.

We all work from our separate homes and I am on the Gold Coast so technically we qualify as well. We are still trying to find our feet a little, but we will get there on game at a time.

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Thank you souri for the links , they are very much appreciated.

Also thank you Paul for the link to your business site also.

I'm trying to find out what's a smart way to get into the gaming industry. I've a huge passion for games and have created a couple of board game concepts as well as currently designing a MMORPG (on paper). I have no qualifications though and was hoping for some suggestions from industry experts on a good path to follow. I'm currently looking into courses and have downloaded a few programs to get familiar with including Blender, Unity, and Visual C# 2010

Cheers all.