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Hi everyone,

How are you all in here? I know most of you have wide extensive knowledge about the games industry than me. So i like to know how you would go about finding internship. I am trying to find some work in the game industry. And hell it's tough if you don't know anyone and have no connection at all what so ever.

A little about me; i did an animation course in the past couple of years and discovered that designing concept art for games is more my thing. That is the game industry side i wanted to get in. Not that i can not do basic animation, but my strength set more on designing instead. Reason for that was that i trained in traditional way of making animation so my drawing skills are good.

Well enough bragging from me here. I guess my folio is still lacking of something, so anyone in here starting up a team to make mods/games of any kind, please feel free to contact me on my email below. I would love to be involve in something like that so that i would have something to show for for my folio.

Thank you for your time everyone. Have a nice day.


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If you live in Victoria quite a few companies do internships through Film Vic (, they have openings twice a year.

You need to network though, if as you say you have no connections at all then your chances of breaking in a significantly reduced. Try and attend industry events like Disecta or Freeplay, get yourself known. Companies are far more likely to give you a chance and look at your folio if they have met you.

Also, there are mod/game collaborations being undertaken on this site right now, check out the Game Development section of these forums.

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Make sure you have a portfolio, I'd say that is as important as networking.

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Thanks guys for your advices.

Will try and do that.