[ Brisbane Gamers Meetup ]

For those BrisVegas gamers, it's time to put the faces to the names at a local gathering we'll be having in Fortitude Valley next Saturday, 24th of February.

We will be kicking off with a BBQ and drinks at my place on my balcony in Fortitude Valley (Similar to the official IGDA Meet that was held last month, photos here: http://www.gamersworld.com.au/forums/index.php'showtopic=3792).

Also we will have a 4 player Wii sports setup on a projector. Depending on how the night goes, the more party orientated may kick on at the local clubs and pubs in the Valley afterwards.

Organised by Yug (me!) from AustralianGamer.com and Hawk from the GameArena.com.au Forums, the event is open to everyone and anyone from the local gaming industry, websites, and especially forums!

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Doh! wheres the Melbourne gamers meetup :(

I moved out of Canberra cause it was always being left out :P

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A Melbourne one will be happening early-mid march, will post details as soon as its confirmed :)

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so when's the canberra one? :) Surely we have as many guys as Sydney..... maybe....GuyBrave2007-02-12 00:56:52

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damn. ive got an engagement party that night (not mine), but if i could go, i would TOTALLY win Wii tennis.

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Well it's pretty much all setup and ready to go. Yes we have a BBQ, if you want food then BYO meat for it of course.

Here's a few pics of the setup as it is now, just for anyone who is still pondering whether to go or not:

Yes, we have a ball pit

Singstar - oh cmon, you know you love it

The balcony - ready to rock

The view from the balcony - thats the Sunbar and Sun Apartments on the corner there by the way.

We have my trusty dance lights and smoke machine for when the sun goes down.

And the digital projector on the balcony, which will be hooked up to the Wii with 4 wiimotes and an Xbox 360.

Directions, for anyone who still can't find the place.

That's it from me, hope to see you all here soon!!

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oh THATS where it is. i nearly moved into the penthouse in the sun apartments when i was looking for apartments in the area, but chose to squat over at Spring Hill. locals ftw!

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Well, what an awesome event! For a full writeup of the night, go here:


To check out all the photos go here:


And to view the videos go here:


Here's a few photos from the night as well for those who are too lazy:

Yug2007-02-25 20:40:15

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while that looks like it was a sweet party, it appears to lack Guitar Hero.

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I had Guitar Hero 2, but lacked the guitars I'm afraid. It wasn't that big a problem, as Singstar was on the entire night.

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It looks like an awesome time was had by all