Look for help to work on FaceBook game


I'm Looking for people to help me with getting a Face Book Game off the ground, I'm a game artist with lots of skills in 2D/3D game design with a advanced diploma in game development. As well as being a Pro photo-shop artist / Texture artist.

But no skills in web page design or how to get a game like (Mafia Wars!) up and working on Facebook. But have all the design skills to make it look and play as good as any other game on face book.

I have started working on a new concept for a game that will work in a smilier way to (Mafia Wars!) and other games that work in the same way.

Some of the ground work has been worked out in the game to make sure its going to work and keep you playing, with a concept of game play that has not been done as yet. The game will have a lot of depth but easy to play, and can be played in three or more ways to get to your goals, with lots and lots of goals to aim for and lots of Fun! to play.

If you think you would like to help out to get this game up and working and to get your name out on facebook, and have some fun doing it,
then email me with what you have done in the past.

Send your email to: zenator_art@internode.on.net

Looking for people with skill in:

Working together as a new game development team,
and getting the game up and working on Facebook.

This is a (non paying role) at this time, but if we can get a team together and get the game up and going I'm sure it will be worth all our time. when it pays off.